Auxiliary plants for security printing

The end users of Dalmar Impianti’s auxiliary plants for security printing are mainly such institutions as Governments and central banks; the quality demands of such clients are understandably very stringent.

Dalmar Impianti’s painstaking attention to detail, constant testing, quality certification and totally reliable service satisfy these requirements fully.

All Dalmar Impianti’s products are compliant with Regulation 2006/42/CE and subsequent regulations concerning risk analysis

Thermoregulation units

Temperature regulation units for security printing presses and water cooling plants are a strategic part of the security printing process, crucial for maintaining excellent quality levels.

The range includes:

  • Temperature regulation units
  • Chiller units

Waste water recycling and treatment plants

Aqua Save II ®, Dalmar Impianti’s patented wiping solution production, high-efficiency recycling and waste water treatment, is based essentially on chemical and physical properties and does not use membrane separators, thereby increasing manifold its long-term reliability.

The full range of accessory plants includes:

  • Aqua Save II ® for wiping solution production, recycling and treatment
  • Static and centrifugal decanters for ink separation
  • Vacuum evaporators for waste water post-treatment
  • Sepotratt ® for galvanic waste water treatment

Galvanic plants for printing plates production

This crucial part of the security printing process requires solutions offering the utmost precision to ensure the perfect and constant reproduction of inimitable, unique specimens.

The range of plate production auxiliary plants includes:

  • High-speed nickel plating baths
  • Hard chromium plating baths
  • Electric current rectifiers for galvanic process
  • Electroforming jigs
  • Air scrubbers
  • Industrial de-mineralisers

Security print shredders

Ensuring proper destruction of security print is important: the issue is easily dealt with using Dalmar Impianti’s convenient and compact shredding and briqueting machines.