Efficient services

When dealing with complex issues, a solution needs to be more than a clever idea: it has to be constantly reliable. This is why Dalmar Impianti invests so much in services: to ensure a seamless, flawless workflow for our clients, under all circumstances and at all times.

Certified quality


Dalmar Impianti’s products obtained the most relevant certifications for each of the industries served, including ISO 9001:2015 and PED quality certificates.

Continuous improvement of company processes and complete customer satisfaction are our essential factors for standing out in our market that allowed us to become a preferred supplier in production of auxiliary plants for security printing.
Dalmar Impianti Quality System ISO 9001:2015 is the key tool in achieving our business goals.
In accordance with its general aims and strategies, Management promotes:
– The central role of the customer
– Full involvement of all personnel to ensure complete awareness of the significance and importance of their work
– Continuous improvement in the quality of products and services, especially through a strong drive toward technological innovation
– Continuous improvement in process performance
Compliance with this Policy is primarily the responsibility of Management, which promote understanding of the Policy among all company personnel and partners, aware that only an involvement of all stakeholders can lead to the achievement of the goals. For this reason, Management is likewise committed to reviewing and updating this Policy periodically and when necessary, as it is the expression of the directive of the strategy.

After-sales service


Should any need for assistance arise, our competent, qualified personnel will take care of all requirements promptly and efficiently, in over 70 countries in the world.



We provide user-friendly, detailed and comprehensive training, both at our headquarters during pre-delivery examination of plants, and on site during delivery and commissioning.

Environment friendliness


We care for the environment and endeavour to reduce carbon emissions in all phases of our production cycle; the high energy efficiency of our products also helps our clients reduce their carbon footprint.

Customised service


For any special servicing or testing requirement, we are eager to design and implement the most suitable procedures based upon our clients’ requests.

Production trials


To enhance the quality of products obtained using our plants, we provide certified testing at our headquarters or on site.