Quality Products

Every day Dalmar Impanti helps companies the world over with complex issues, making them simpler and providing elegant, reliable and efficient solutions. The company’s in-house technical department enables Dalmar Impianti to design every aspect of each plant, including mechanical, electrical and electronical issues.

The company’s products are used worldwide and concern two main areas.



The end users of these products are mainly such institutions as Governments and central banks; the quality demands of such clients are understandably very stringent. Dalmar Impianti’s painstaking attention to detail, constant testing, quality certification and totally reliable service satisfy these requirements fully.

Dalmar Impianti’s vast range of solutions inlcudes plants for four main areas of the security printing process:



Over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of swivel joints, PED certification, timely and efficient after-sales service all ensure the quality of Dalmar Impianti’s solutions – an absolute necessity for our client companies, operating in strategic sectors where constant reliability is not just an asset, but a vital safety requirement.


Main industries served include: