Cutting-Edge Security Printing Solutions Tailored for your Industry

We design, develop and manufacture auxiliary plant for security printing


Thermoregulation Units

Temperature regulation units for security printing presses and water cooling plants are crucial for maintaining excellent quality levels.

Waste water recycling and treatment plants

Aqua Save II ®, Dalmar Impianti’s patented wiping solution production.

Galvanic plants for printing plates production

Offer the utmost precision to ensure perfect and constant reproduction of tailor made solutions.

Galvanic effluent treatment plant​

Treating the wastewater resulting from the galvanic processes and relevant preparation and washing operations.

since 1965


We design, develop and manufacture auxiliary plant for security printing.

Since 1965, Dalmar Impianti’s solutions combine cutting-edge technology, certified quality and top-notch service to provide complete satisfaction to its customers.


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Consulting and Planning

Dalmar offers its consultancy for preliminary, detailed and executive planning.


Design and production activities are strictly internal to our company, carried out by our engineers and skilled staff.


Dalmar can manage the complete construction of its equipment.

On-site installation

The supply may include on-site assembly or the sending of partially assembled material or assembled and shipped ready for use.


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project for our clients

Quality Policy

At the heart of every action of Dalmar beats the commitment to excellence, a daily promise of continuous improvement and the search for a distinctive identity that is not only recognizable but also admired. Our dedication extends to respecting the environment, protecting workers’ rights, and promoting social and ethical policies, as we believe it is our duty to customers and a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our enduring 60-year history.

Dalmar is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate quality, attested by a solid ISO 9001:2015 certified organizational model. This model is our bulwark to better oversee our activities and ensure the supply of reliable products and services over time. Supported and encouraged by the company’s leadership, we invest the necessary resources to develop and refine our management system with a keen eye on social responsibility and ethical practices.

Our approach is dynamic, in the awareness that today maximum flexibility, adaptability and, at the same time, a coherent standardization that allows the best planning, execution and control of processes is required. We periodically review, update and improve our system, capturing opportunities identified through risk and opportunity analysis, business experiences and emerging regulations.

In our relationships with customers and suppliers, we always look for a long-term perspective, based on mutual understanding of needs to ensure their full satisfaction, while also respecting the principles of equity and social justice.

Customer satisfaction is our primary and constant goal, and to achieve it, we ask for the full involvement and active commitment of all our collaborators in offering products and services that meet the highest quality standards and minimize impacts on people and the environment, as well as respecting the rights of workers and the communities in which we operate.

In pursuing our mission, we reject any compromise on quality and waste of resources, at any stage of the company’s activity, as we strongly believe in the virtuous role that companies must have for a sustainable future from a holistic perspective.

We disseminate our policy ensuring that it is understood and supported at all levels of the company, and we use relevant management indicators to assess both internal improvements and actual customer satisfaction, to take proactive action actions.

Our history is steeped in an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, legality, transparency and fairness. These values are fundamental to the proper functioning and development of our company, as well as to the protection of our reputation and the increase in the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders as a whole.