Swivel Joints

Impeccable precision and reliability are important in every activity; they are vital in steelworks, refineries and offshore plants. Dalmar Impianti provides solutions that satisfy these industries’ requirements by providing the highest standards of quality and service.

50 years’ experience in the production of swivel joints enable us to provide tough, trustworthy elements that ensure constant and safe operations. Should any need for assistance arise, our after-sales service can tackle any unexpected circumstance rapidly and efficiently.

All Dalmar Impanti’s joints undergo severe tests that verify dimensions, materials, welding and assembly procedures: certified quality and tailored design and production ensure that the solutions meet clients’ expectations.


Full bore, standard or made-to-measure swivel joints, compliant with all safety requirements concerning use with liquid or gaseous fuels

Steel mills

Loading arms and custom-designed joints for rolling mills, presses and other plants in the steel industry, designed to withstand the most demanding work conditions

Offshore applications

Joints designed and manufactured to customers’ specifications, using certified, corrosion-resistant materials and X-ray checked welding